T&D Podcast #9 – Tony Kaye


Photo by Cameron McHarg.

Tony Kaye is not only the director of American History X, he is the most awarded commercial director of all time. He’s directed some of the biggest and best music videos ever made, and he’s the guest of this week’s episode of Triumph & Disaster.

Tony Kaye Jury 2011 Award Winners Photocall BW7UgsZMXnEl

Tony is the perfect representation of what we’re all about here. He’s a renaissance artist (he paints, he writes, he’s a photographer and cinematographer, and a musician) and he’s a man’s man who stands for his own self expression and what he believes in.


In addition to that… I f*cking love this guy.

Not only do I connect with him and share many very similar sensibilities with him, but he’s a genuinely sensitive and sweet guy despite what is perhaps a commonly misunderstood reputation.

Tony invited my to drop by a bar on Hollywood Blvd on a Saturday night where he jams with some of his original songs occasionally in the back room.

Here are a few photos that I snapped while he was on stage.

_DSC0886 _DSC0887 unnamed-4

We ended up sitting in the stairs behind the bar in a Hollywood alley, where several times, people tried sneaking in the back of the bar only to get kicked out by the bouncer. Sirens, helicopters, everything else is included, and I’ve decided to keep things raw and real and not to edit our conversation and experience much.

Tony had to leave after about 40 minutes, but the truth is that I could have easily gone four or five hours talking with him. Tony suggested having a part two to this conversation, and we may well do that, so stay in touch and subscribe to the T&D Podcast on iTunes so you won’t miss it!

Included below is some of Tony’s work, beginning with my personal favorite music video of all time.



There are some things that come up about Marlon Brando and “Flaming Pies” that may need some further explanation, so you can click on these links to help you go further with that.

I hope you enjoy this talk as much as I did.

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(When he took my camera in his hands, Tony took on an entirely new persona. He was instantly a director. He was in his element. You could literally see the transformation right in front of your eyes. Fascinating.)

Thanks for listening and sharing, guys!

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I’m looking forward to it.



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  1. Thanks, man. I really enjoyed your conversation with Tony, like listening in on two old friends. Very natural and the alley location behind Pig N Whistle worked beautifully. Loved the spontaneous sounds which added a nice touch to your discussion. Well done. Looking forward to Part 2.

    • Hey, Jimmy!
      Great to hear from you, man.
      It makes my day to hear how much you enjoyed it.
      Make sure to subscribe on iTunes and/or YouTube so you won’t miss it.
      (There may actually be more than just a Part 2… )
      Also, if you can help me to reach my goal of getting 100 reviews on iTunes, it will really help to promote the show and keep it going.
      Stay in touch!


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