T&D Podcast #33 – Angel Colmenares

Cinematographer and photographer Angel Colemares joins us on this episode of the Triumph & Disaster podcast from his beautiful studio overlooking the water outside of Seattle.

Angel was born in Cuba, and talks about his newest love and obsession, tintype photography with cameras and lenses that are more than 150 years old. Angel talks about how he overcame the loss of his right eye and his creative process. This episode is only about thirty minutes long, but it’s full of inspiration from the fascinating life of a real artist and a truly interesting man.

Here are some quick iPhone shots that I took of Angel’s mobile trailer darkroom and the actual cameras and lenses that he uses to shoot his tintype photographs.


Here’s the Glen Ford head that he talked about as well!

Here are the shots that he took of me after our conversation. After setting up the shot, he pulled the lens cap off of the lens for maybe 2 seconds, and then put it back on. That was it. Pretty amazing.

Here is our conversation:

Make sure to check out the links to his cinematography and photography pages.

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