T&D Podcast #14 – Fred Jourden/Blitz Motorcycles


Fred Jourden of Blitz Motorcycles (Paris) joined me at Deux ex Machina, a custom motorcycle shop/coffee house on a hot summer day in Venice Beach, California for one of my favorite conversations that I’ve had with anyone. The fact that it was recorded was a blessing that I’m grateful to share with all of you guys.

Fred is the real deal.


He’s a humble, creative man who lives and breathes brotherhood, freedom, and integrity.


I could not be happier to have had him on the show.




Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.24.26 PM

Fred and his partner Hugo Jezegabel  create the coolest old school custom made motorbikes in the world. Not one is ever the same as any other, and each are individually made to the buyer’s individual personality and culture.

These are some examples of William Eggleston photos that Fred mentioned were an influence on him.

Lastly, Fred’s mentor – Patrick Becker (RIP).


He, like all mentors, deserves to be recognized and I’m happy to do so here.

Here is Fred giving a TED Talk about personal freedom and working with both his head and hands.

Here is our conversation.

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Keep in touch, guys.


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